PEMF Therapy for kids and dogs

What Is Pemf? A Novel Therapeutic Option?

What Does Pemf Stand For?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. This form of therapy is also known as low field magnetic stimulation. 

What Is A Pulse Electromagnetic Field Machine?

The Pemf machine produces the electromagnetic field. Its properties depend on the technology used.  There are different technologies on the market that differ in frequency, intensity, wave-form and more.

Pemf mat

What Motivates People To Try Pemf Therapy?

Since neurodegenerative diseases are among the leading causes of disability and death researchers have questions that focusing on treating symptoms will lead to successful results.

They are asking for more holistic approaches to health. Therefore practitioners of pulsed magnetic field therapy believe that promoting holistic well-being is an essential part of health.


Pemf therapy is an important part of a holistic strategy as it  supports the body at a foundational level. For example: If cells are damaged or weak then the body is not healthy. Therefore strengthening  natural magnetic fields in the body enhances energy  and increases the flow through the body for optimal health.

Others are looking for novel therapeutic options for chronic pain. Because pemf therapy is known to have hardly any side effects, they are open to combining pemf therapy with their conventional medical treatments. 

How Does PEMF Technology Work?

Pemf therapy uses the fact that our bodies are electrically and electromagnetically run. Technically pemf creates a magnetic field by running an electrical current through a copper coil. This mimics the waves that are essential to life thus mimicking nature. The delivery of the magnetic fields into the body has a therapeutic effect as it creates energy. 

What is Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy Used For?

According to the University of Michigan “some people use magnet therapy for treating pain, such as foot, back, or joint pain.” In general, pemf is advertised to 

  • increase vitalization;
  • increase energy levels
  • improve flow of energy through the body, 
  • increase circulation, 
  • improve sexual health, 
  • increase sport performance
  • enhance general well being;
  • relaxation of body and mind, 
  • improve mental clarity, 
  • improve sleep patterns, 
  • reduce muscle tension; 
  • increase detoxification and 
  • help you feel great!

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