Rejuvenation – How To Boost Performance at age 78!

Rejuvenation is a dream for many of us. And there is no doubt that rejuvenation also depends on our gens, lifestyle and lots of luck. But it seems to work for some of us.

Ace`s story needs to be told as he passed away at age 97. At age 89 Ace decided to move into a retirement home because he had figured out that institution employed the most attractive female staff in the entire region. His family was shocked. Who would move into a retirement home because the staff was so sexy? “I am not sure why you are shocked mom,” his granddaughter said. “You are the reason why my granddad is still chasing women at an age where others don’t even know how to spell the word sexual performance anymore”, she said. (She was referring to the regenerative effects of the Sanza system.)

Rejuvenation with Sanza

And this is how it all began: Without knowing any better his daughter, a professional horse trainer, started treating a retired grandprix team horse with Sanza`s PEMF technology. Within minutes the dressage horse broke down his stall door, galloped out the door and was racing around the property. Instead of walking slowly like a retired athlete, he had turned into a stallion ready to jump on the next mare! Over a bench and garden area into an outside ring where the “new stallion”was luckily caught again.

After listening to that story Ace could not stop laughing. Finally he asked: “will that device do that for me?” At age 78 he started using Sanza with a single goal in mind – to be able to behave like the retired grandprix team horse did after his first treatment. It is notable to mention that his daily treatments were able to not only renew his “vitality” but also restore his health.

By the age of 78 Ace had suffered from COPD which he had had since his time in the Navy; arthritis in his hips and knees; arteriosclerosis; an irregular heart beat; low blood pressure; IBS; gerd, macular degeneration and anxiety for which he took several medications to control. 

Harder Bones and Little Degeneration

Within one year Ace was off all meds and slowly his symptoms had stopped. Each year his health improved, his bones got harder and his health improved to the amazement of all who knew him and especially his doctors. He didn’t degenerate – he was mentally and physically rejuvenated and able to live a long life with all the faculties of a younger, spry Ace.

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