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PEMF THerapy Testimonial: Recover From Professional athletes injuries

Professional athletes injuries can be devastating – for the individual athlete and his team. Therefore, as a big sports agency we had professional athletes getting injured every week. No surprise that finding the best doctors, physios and treatments was part of our core business. 

I met Ralph ten years ago. He was recommended to us by a former Red Bull manager. Red Bull`s soccer success is built on a very smart and savvy system. Preventing their players from getting sick and/or injured has become an essential part of their daily business. One of their former key people, Ralf Rangnick, has invested many hours and plenty of money in a very well thought through strategy.

Sanza helps me to heal professional athletes injuries much faster”.

Ralph has worked with many Red Bull players and influenced their strategy substantially.  He uses a unique system. It is based on the idea that the body needs to be re-balanced after every injury. Besides applying Sanza, he measures the body’s energy with a medical device that was originally developed for space medicine and applies the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. Of all people I met in 20 years no one has brought more athletes back on track like Ralph. Every professional athlete injury has made tremendous progress under his work. They definitely recover much faster!

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