Golfcourse on Captiva first step to stopped my sedentary lifestyle

PEMF Therapy Testimonial on How to Stop A Sedentary Lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle is very hard to change also I was a very athletic person during my teenage years. I took my bike wherever I could and played table tennis and soccer at a very high level. But during college I started gaining weight. A lot of weight. I started leading a sedentary lifestyle without being aware of it. Instead I would work very long hours. This mainly meant sitting 12 hours on a chair or in the car. But I had become successful. Very successful. 

A Sedentary Lifestyle Has Its Price

Until that day that I will never forget. I tried to get out of the car. Suddenly I heard a noise in my back. A crack.  I still don’t know how I got into my house. But I remember that I would spend the next three weeks in bed with pain, bad pain. “Sedentarism has its price”, my physio therapist said. I just looked at him trying to figure out what he was trying to say. “Well”, he said, “do whatever you like. It is just that your back is a result of the fact that you spend most of the time sitting and/or lying and never exercise. It is a lifestyle that will not only affect our back but also your health and cause more trouble if you decide to maintain it. I just wanted to mention it.” 

I have to admit that I wasn’t scared about my health. What really worried me was my business. I love what I did and I was really sick of having to spend so much time at home. I wanted to get back out there. Be part of my company, meet people and simply have fun.

“Sanza helped me to recover my back health and refocus on leading a more active lifestyle.”

Copying Professional Athletes

A friend had recommended Sanza. His son used it as a professional athlete to recover faster and prevent injuries. My friend also had back problems but was even back to playing golf. That motivated me to invest in the pro version. I started in the morning with the alpha program and chip number 2. In addition, I also changed my diet. This meant that I cut out red meat completely and added fresh veggies and/or fruit three times a day. In addition, I started walking 15 minutes before going to bed five times a week. At the beginning it was exhausting and I was puffing. But after two weeks I could use that time to make calls or simply talk to my wife.

After four months I had lost significant weight and built a certain amount of endurance. I was able to work more actively and could stop taking pain killers. I love leading an active lifestyle again – thanks to Sanza.

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