Sunset gives energy to speed Healing a Broken Bone

PEMF Therapy Testimonial: Speed up Healing a Broken Bone

How to speed up healing a broken bone had become an urgent question for six times world champion Massimo Roccoli.

On Friday during training Massimo had a heavy crash with his motorbike. He quickly felt heavy pain. An X-ray revealed a broken bone. Massimo knew there was a big risk he wouldn’t be able to compete in the next race. The same evening he started applying Sanza to his injury. In addition he even slept the entire night on his PEMF mat to speed up the healing process. As a result, Roccoli was able to compete again just a few days later. 

Thank you Sanza for such a fast recovery!

But being a champion Massimo Roccoli has not only figured out how to speed up healing a broken bone. He is a master of self-care and a serious professional athlete. Therefore, to keep his body on a continuous high level Roccoli has added using Sanza to his daily routine. As a motorcyclist his back health is crucial.  His C5 and C6 vertebraes are very sensitive and as prevention he treats them every day with the Sanza pillow. Furthermore, racing motorbikes requires a very sharp mind. A loss of concentration can have very serious consequences. It not only influences the result of the race but furthermore the health of bikers. Therefore, Massimo applies his Sanza before every racing using the Sport program and chip 7.

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