Biker who boosted his energy level with pemf therapy

PEMF Therapy Testimonial On How To Boost Energy Levels Naturally

Are you suffering of low energy levels? Then you know what I felt like. My symptoms of exhaustion were so bad: besides chronic fatigue, increased illness like flu and colds and muscle pain. I am not sure if you have ever experienced that feeling of not being present. It felt that I was just functioning but I didn’t really feel alive anymore. It was so frustrating and I felt so guilty because my performance in daily life had reached a super low level. It was so scary because I used to be so active and loved exercising. But there was simply no energy left anymore. I had to find a way to raise my energy levels.

 “I loved how quickly I had my energy back.” 

 When I went to see my doctor, he couldn`t find any reason for my fatigue at all. My husband had already used Sanza to reduce weight and recover from burnout. That gave me the courage to try it as well. I did one session with the Alpha program in the morning. Depending on my schedule and level of tiredness I would either do one Alpha session after lunch or a relaxation program before bed. 

I also changed my diet. I cut out gluten and any kind of added sugars. I focused on berries, salads, veggies and wild caught fish. Light meals at night also helped improve my energy levels a lot. 

After three weeks my body started feeling more alive. After five weeks, I could add a little work to my daily routine. After eight weeks I started running and felt much more refreshed getting up in the morning. Three months later, I felt alive again.

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