Mother and foal - Back in the saddle

PEMF Therapy Testimonial: Magic Recovery After Horse Accident

Back in the saddle is very hard after every serious fall. When Karen was 19 years old training to become one of Canada’s Olympic dressage team members a horse fell on top of her. It was a bad accident. Her prognosis was life in a wheelchair and the end of her career. 

“I know speeding up bone healing is difficult but Sanza changed and in fact saved my life.” 

Her L4  and L5 were sideways and rotated and the ends of her cervical vertebrae broke off. The pain was unbearable. She could not sleep due to the muscle spasms and became very depressed. Until the day a friend introduced her to PEMF and gave her new hope. “I know if a horse falls on a woman it is a very serious accident. But it is up to you to change your life. And I really want you to get back in the saddle. tTy it Karen, you have nothing to lose and it transformed my pain in only a few weeks.” Besides regular physio she started her daily treatments which not only helped her eliminate the residual chronic pain. Even more than being pain free she was back in the saddle after only 8 months.

I Traded In My Wheelchair Option For A Seat In My Saddle!

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